Winners and an apology

Yep, so we´ve beaten St. Etienne 23 to 17. I had five goals. For me it was the first match of the season for me, after all. We had a little party in our locker room, baguette sandwiches and beer.
This brings me to the apology for the awful typos in my last post. Never have 3 Long Island Ice Teas at happy hour, if you didn´t eat s/thing before.:-) Thus this morning I wondered that I actually received two comments on that crap!Thx!
Well, Torchy tagged me for this game Tyler brought up, but I consider not to take part in it. Sorry peepz, no private info about me in such a condensed form, let alone that I still don´t know how to put txt over a pic or between pics. Laters Pilgrim


Baz said...

Congrats on the win. 5 goals, a significant contribution to your victory.

You seem to be well recovered from your injury. That's good, you'll need to be for Rampworx! Which reminds me (and you too?) not heard from you yet.


Seth said...

Congratulations on your win - and the locker room party sounds like a win too! j/k