Fail and first physio here

I slept in like 10am CET, when Rafiq rang on my celly to wake me up and remind me that it is friday. I was convinced it were saturday. So I sort of speed showered while having my morning coffee and darted towards PMU. The office closes at noon for the weekend and I needed my confirmation on my courses. Phew. ten minutes before they shut down I entered and got my papers. Later this afternoon I had my first appointment in the new physiotherapy and they explained to me very detailed, what they intend to do for my leg, at least nothing that will kill me immediately. Tadah Pilgrim

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MartininBroda said...

Pilgrim, to be honest, it was not that exciting you slept over, that happens to a lot of people, or be wrong with the day (one can even be wrong with his name, recently I addresses someone with my own family name and thought, this is his name, well, what’s yours?), maybe the remark “nothing that will kill me immediately” let some people disappointed, other not, but both not so much they have a desire to comment, comments are not that important. Especially this one! Btw, I’m guilty to be a part of that race (because I Iike both). Have a wonderful weekend.