The result of my little quiz

So, thx to Liam for nada! Anon was wrong, so was Jamsey. John was closest in this, mentioning either Bob or Dave. In fact Dave is it! And this is a pic I found in the net about Dave these days. I know they big in the nineties in Europe, I even attended a concert of them, sponsored and accomagnied by Dad. Shortly after they broke up, Today all I know is Dave was on Canadian Idol, but didn´t make it. Bob and Clint are still musicians, had some singles released in 2005 or so, Scott is a producer s/where in Asia. And I´m off to the doc now, last review of my injury. Yay! Laters Pilgrim...P.S. Dave has NO sock in his undies!


Mickle in NZ said...

And I've never heard of the boys, never come across them until your post...... joy of being a 44 year old in NZ?

My understanding of being a Jesuit Lay Brother has increased from memory stuff. Here in NZ is a Marist Priest - Father Chris Skinner - aka the singing priest.

I got to know Chris back in 1983 at university. He was conbining his training for the priesthood with doing a batchelor of arts degree majoring in History. He was one of the performers in a production of "Jaques Brel is alive and well and living in Paris", one of the 5 performers. I did the costumes for the show. All five gave an incredible performance each evening, I was in awe of them.

Check out Father Chris Skinner on Utube etc......... he is such a special persoin and incredible chaplin at the schools he is posted to - os no wonder he has a vocation

Go to Google and Google Chris - he is an incredible and very humble man

Liam said...

I am glad Dave ditched the belt.

WkBoy714 said...

Dave does not have a sock in there? I want picture proof. :)

Charlie said...

Hey Pilgrim, thanks for the comment. I haven't read far enough back (yet) to know what happened to your leg, but it sounds painful and I hope it heals soon. I don't know much about the Jesuits, but it sounds really interesting and I hope to find out more :)