132 € is enough per month!

This one is a german prob. It seems, that especially in Berlin they every now and then come up w/new ideas how to cut down the cost for jobless peepz. So, a german tabloid refers to some professor, who apparently said that the amount noted in the header is sufficient(Source:ArteTVlive/Bild) .I can´t help it, though I don´t have to live by the so called Hartz IV, which is officially 359€ per month. In my view it is not even near a minimum wage, even if the state pays the rent and health insurance. But this is Germany. In France there is a similar thing going, but not comparatible. As for the rest of EU or rest of the world I don´t know. And for you, living in Berlin, tonite there is a public? firework of the Pyronale, the european champioships of fireworkers. Have you all a nice We. ...Martin, thx for the comment...and David deleted his Blog Game post after being 11 comments behind Mboy!


Ty said...

jez ,man...our unemployed get 1,204 Oz dollars a mth and they say there poor (and its cheaper to live here)

and our minimum wage is double that


Pilgrim said...

You´re damn right, Ty, especially when I think, that 1000 Aussie$ are like 1600 €!

Mickle in NZ said...

I'm on a benefit, as is referred to here - Invalids Benefit. Means I have health troubles that will last for more than two years.

I get $NZ 306.00 a week. Now to any one reading this comment, most of my health issues I have paid for myself.

I paid taxes and used my health insurance to cover six of the seven lots of surgery and the many specialist follow ups.

The weekly money is to pay for everything - mortgage, bills, rates, insurance and living. This allows an existence only.

Is a daily struggle with the clinacal depression to even get out of bed each day. I have a job,where the income would really help, if only I could get myslef there.

Sorry that I "landed you with all this" dear Pilgrim. Guess I want to show that this is all over the "western World"

On a heaps nicer note - are you prepared to reveal just what your Doctoral Thesis will be about???

Hope the leggy is getting better, care and love from Michelle - always, Zebbycat is soundly, quietly asleep!!! Woohooo!

xxxxxx and huggles to you

[ P . t ] said...

Well, over here in the UK even the Members of Parliment (MPs) have been caught scamming the system. It's just a mess over here :/

Can't wait to emigrate at some point after university!