What my Doctor means and my new courses

My doc means I´m too sensible for the massages, and I told him, wtf., I´m not sick! After all he gave me recipe for electric massages, even it was already more convenient already the first time. Now my leg seels well again! ...John, I gotta think about your most good questions. Sorry for another short post, but the Sam-thing is to be well overthought ²all... Wkboy, your comments are always welcome, and always welcome! :-) ...My new schedule looks like a 5to9 job, I have 2hrs. per week on mondays as conference class, to talk about my practice. That´s all! Laters Pilgrim


MartininBroda said...

So I wish you a well considering and a pleasant night.

y78ilm :: now on y78ilm.nibblebit.com/ said...

Electric massage? I've tried some sort of it I think, I had four "plastic" pads taped to my back. Crap it was horrrrrible! True torture!! Well it definitely encouraged me to get well damn fast so it wasn't totally pointless :)

Dave83201 said...

Yeah, electric massages were a pain when I went through physical rehab, but it helped a whole lot with pain in the short run.

Prayers and good will are being sent your way!