My Wish

...that David would aquire a a windoows comment scheme at least, same for James, Jason and Tyler(Forsaken03). But we can´t have always what we want! We know it, but we can´t do nothing about it.Translation Christa Wolf, german( to english).I find it disappointing. that I have to log in each time I enter me blog since recent.I can live with it, though it´s annoying. In the end we are one family, one blogosphere! Laters Pilgrim...please comment! :-)


MartininBroda said...

I forget to shut down the comp and just see the post, too tired to be witty I wish you a good and pleasant night (Christa Wolf? good choice and difficult to read).

Rapha said...

I like when you say 'we are one family, one blogosphere'. =)

Mickle in NZ said...

As I find with almost half of your posts, dear Pilgrim, Michelle is completely baffled trying to work out what you are on about.

I don't text (yet to work that one out), am clueless about the music you follow and have only the one language - NZ English.

Yet am amazed that you contacted me in the first place. So...

am guessing that as a doctorate, post graduate type, the start of the academic year is kind of tedious? huh? Especially when you can't escape by speedily skating away right now. What will you be researching into this year, dear friend?

I'll comment, should you need comments. Mine might be boring, but hey - I care enough about you to comment.

From the blogosphere, where I've met such good friends (and you are a great friend, dear Pilgrim), .....

It has just started Hailing, very Heavily! Love and many huggles, Michelle xxx

Jason Carwin said...

please explain a windows comment scheme

yowza said...

OMG! i never would have thoght so many remember torch song trilogy! the best/ funnyest/ saddest/ awesome movie of all time! i had it on video, and loaned it out,mistake, ahhh memories!

Baz said...

It's a reference to the three types of commenting options avaialable. Pilgrim calls "full page" and "pop-up" commenting "windows" type, as opposed to the embedded below post option.
There's an inconsistency in Pilgrims' profile that prevents him commenting on the embedded comment form.
Why he's mentioned you in the post I don't know - you have the pop-up comment box, and he has left comments on your posts.