Slammjamm XI 2009

That´s the name of the first big contest after my injury. It takes place at Rampworx skatepark in Liverpool, Oct. 16/17th. Can you give me some input about the city, because I usually stay a day or so longer to do a bit of sightseeing and as far as I know, there will be nobody from the Posse, exept my Bro., who in this case is only few help. And I need to know how far is it from John-Lennon-Airport to Aintree, wher my hotel is?! Thx in advance. Laters Pilgrim


torchy! said...

17 miles by the looks of it

Baz said...

Depends on the route. Quickest route 18 miles, of which 13 is Motorway or Dual carriageway.
There's no direct public transport link. It's a bus & train/bus journey. Taxi will cost around £30.

When are you arriving tho? If its Thu 15th, I could meet you and drive you to Aintree.

Lot's to see and do in and around Liverpool. What's your itinery?

Mail me privatebaz@live.co.uk - I'm not entering into a series of posts / comments.
Might come along and take some pics of you tho'

Seth said...

sounds like fun, good luck with it when the time comes

WkBoy714 said...

Not sure about the distance. But stop over near my house. :)

WkBoy714 said...

Not sure if they'd agree to that. But maybe if I did my cutest face and cried, they would.

If not, a hotel, and I'll stay with you!

Although my house is too far from Liverpool, sadly.