Don´t congratulate too early

Thx to all who congtratulated me on my lover, but hey! Read, what I had to say about Val before. I´m still thinking about his sort´a proposal. ...Then, there is an interesting discussion on Jason Carwin´s blog, go, read it too. ...I have not much to say tonite, I am tired from a day of work at the institute, and in the skateshop. Laters Pilgrim


torchy! said...

i remember what you said about him before, and also what commenters said about him, particularly his age.

however, times and attitudes change, and your post of yesterday seemed upbeat. i didn't read the doubt.

i hope it goes well for you whatever path you choose.


Anonymous said...

hmm, 16/17 of october? Im intrigued, what do you mean?

thanks for the comment!
j xxx

Dr Mandragora said...

There is always something to be said for taking things slowly and seeing what develops. I didn't comment on the original post for precisely that reason; I didn't know enough to make any sort of useful remark.

But, I am hoping that good things result from this for you.

Merche Pallarés said...

Now, young man, you know that if you become a jesuit you'll have to give up your lover, don't you??? Or have things changed in the priesthood??? Hugs, M.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude... :D you have such a nice profile picture.. I'm 22, a boy from Europe, Yugoslavia :D... and would really like to chat with you. Do you have an msn, skype or something? I'm so sorry because I don't have a profile here...