So much help & offers, thx!

It´s true, on behalf of this I want to thank Torchy, Baz and Wkboy! So, I will pm you, Baz a.s.a.p., Wkboy, Hotel was already booked yesterday, sorry, and last but not least Torchy, thx for the map, if you know how to enlarge it to print, I´d be grateful to know. Well, that´s it atm., gotta go to rugby training like every tuesday. Bbl. Pilgrim... oops, thx to Seth for the encouragement. :-)


WkBoy714 said...

Welcome :)
Let us know what you think of England.

To get to Liverpool you will no doubt have to pass or fly right by my house!

torchy! said...

how to print the map? just above it there's three clickies, from right to left: 'link', 'send', 'print'. it's the one labelled 'print' you want.


wtf does Bbl mean btw?


naturgesetz said...

Bbl is the abbreviation for "barrel."

Although I suspect in textlish it is intended to mean "be back later." :D

Seth said...