A little quiz

Who of the four is gay? :-)


Me, Myself nd My Hand ;P said...


Me, Myself nd My Hand ;P said...

Hey pilgrim, wats up?! You commented on my other blog http://memyselfndsomeboys.blogspot.com/ and you said that you seen that boy on another blog? You don't happen to remember what blog that was by any chance? And omg he's french!? I melting even more!

thanks a bunch!
love j xxx

Liam said...

All 4 look exactly the same. o_O

Liam said...

But in the off chance that they are 4 different people, I say that they are all gay.

Look that their belts. If I saw anyone wearing that belt I would immediately assume they are gay.

So really, I think they are all gay.

Whoever dressed them deserves to be fired.

Liam said...

I don't even know who these boys are, and I pity them because they wearing those belts. Poor boys.


Even worse, I can't stop staring!

okay okay last comment I swear. XD


Anonymous said...

Actually, you can tell from the Calvin Klein undies on each of the 4--very very gay.

naturgesetz said...

Bob, maybe Dave. The flourishes they use in writing their names are an indication, along with a certain je ne sais quoi in their facial expressions and posture. Scott could be, but his signature says no.

Clint looks least likely.

David DelaCruz said...

What kind of a group is Moffat and who are they?
Why would they call themselves the Moffat's?? That doesn't sound like a very sexy sounding name! Moffat?? eeeeewwww

naturgesetz said...

@ David DelaCruz — I think Moffat is their family name.