To David de la Cruz/ Another random post

Since I can´t comment on your comment scheme, I hope you read me here! You make a complete fool out of you, being jealous on M.boy. He has certainly mor guts than a lot of the other bloggers, and is a nice boy. As for pics, he is not so exhibitionist as you, but if you go back in his blog you find pics! Despite, many blogs in our part of the blogosphere are more or less txt-blogs like mine. You either accept it or you are deffo in the wrong place or time. ...Well, rant over, now to something completely different. I have a couple of theoretical lessons per week, I found out this morning, but 3/4 of the time I do research for the next 2 yrs. So I´ll be still much younger than most of you when I promote to Ph.D. ...I also was at my Doc here, to get some info on what shall happen now to my leg, and he told me that I don´t need no fitness studio but a reha, though it could be done in some special reha-fitness studio on a non clinical basis regarding the circumstances. He tagged a specialists studio for me, in the 19th. Thx Doc! That means an hours ride un the Métro or by car, depending on the traffic downtown, since it it across the city for me. Well, sometimes, life almost sucks! lLaters Pilgrim


Random stuff

Thx to those who wished me well for the upcoming college year, but I´m in my doctorates, so only a few day per month of colloquial sermon, technichally no uni at all, but praxis at the adjacent Institut Pierre et Marie Curie and Institut Louis Pasteur. Tomorrow I will go to find out what theoretical stuff PMU has to offer, that could be of interest to me. ...then I´ll look into yellow pages(did it already today) to find a good fitness center for fully recover my darn leg. ...Oh yeah, you will like this news! My Gf got an invitation to the Vogue Fashion Week 2009/2010 and guess who will be her company at the catwalk? Yay, right, it´s me! :-) I´d never been on such an event, so this will thrill me somewhat....and Sam called to make sure that I´m back. Maybe we meet next week. So long! Laters Pilgrim


Chez moi - At home

Landed at CDG early afternoon, the flight was allright, even with some lunch aboard. At the airport each of us picked a cab and headed home. My cab was already on Blvd. Raspail, when I suddenly felt like 5 persons were missing. Lonely, though relieved to be home. As expected the appartment was uninhabited, Fabrice on a tour d´Europe with a new sponsor. The concierge handed me our mail, helped me w/my luggage and told me, that my car is fine. In the appartment there was a half filled ashtray, but the concierge had been shopping, so there was already some food and s/thing to drink. Before I started to unpack my suitcases, I got me a coke, sat on rhe sofa in front of this ashtray, lighted a cigarrette. I am back home! :-) Tadah Pilgrim


Breakdown and return

First off, I´d like to thank the meaningful comments on my last post. Iam glad to have some of the more apt bloggers among my followers.(No offense!) :-) ...on monday eve. Mozilla had a networkprob., I tried to solve it by finding another non IE-server, but my driver crashed. So I was unable to connect anyhow and had to bring my laptop in to repair. Took them 3 (three)days to restore and update. ...Tomorrow we will return to Paris, schools and uni start next week. My therapist said that my leg is pretty fine and purposed me to join a treadmill a.ak.a. fitness studio to strengthen my muscles especially by ergometer and rowing, so both legs get the same treatment, the weaker somewhat more. She asked for my Doc in Paris to send him my dossier via snailmail, but then he which studio to go to and advise them what to do w/me or what I may do at their´s. Laters, packing Pilgrim...any idea how to barr(erase) this follower "F"?...p.p.s.s., please tell me in the usual anonymously way how you start your average day. Anything else doesn´t mean preference of coffee or tea but extraordinary morning usances. :-)...p.p.p.s.s.s, what did Courious Wolf really write? I was too late, his blog unfortunately was already deleted. :-(


As I am

you get more about me u obviously have no idea of me! Me is a a very coomplicated person. Maybe I you mo
re on on my 200 th post .For now it´s just another mystery about me. Iwill sty an eternal mystery!


It was a weird evening

When we met last evening Bilals eyes were literally falling out of his head. That alone was worth the dress up. :-D After he was breathing again I introduced Deniz to him as "my friend". Deniz gave my a short odd glance, but then he played along. But then Bilal adressed me in french and made it clear that he is in to me. I suddenly remembered, that when I was like ten yrs. old he used to come over to my Dad for extra lessons in french, he lived in our immediate neighborhood then. Anyway, we went to a turkish restaurant where Deniz sat at my side of the table, Bilal opposite us. I had Adana Kebab, Deniz chose Koefte and Bilal s/thing with liver and rice, forgot what is was called. While we were waiting to be served we talked a bit in our common language for the eve., but it was just conversation. Somehow I gathered that Bilal was jealous about Deniz*lol*, the only really straght one of us three. But Deniz made a convincing lover. Maybe because he plays theater in school. And looking at us, Bilals dark eyes went almost black as his face gave a rather grim expression. We dined in silence, and after Bilal had finished, he stood up, payed his meal and went out w/out a word nor looking back. I hope that was it, since after my call the other day he has my number. On the other hand I guess, I reached my goal to deffo get rid of him. Well, Deniz and I finished our meals, paid and left to go to the movies to watch this highly acclaimed "Iglourious Bastards". But we didn´t like it too well. After the movie we went to him, so I could redress myself, then had some drinks. At around dawn I left him for home even though he offered me a sleepover. Woke up well after noon, called Deniz to thank him again. Maybe we meet again for tonite w/my Gf., and Rafiq. Have a nice We. where ever you are. :-) Laters Pilgrim...I hope John´s question is answered within this post.


An appointment to me, a date to him

Since it´s friday, I eventually called Bilal,this turkish friend. I asked him out(not mentioning another turkish friend-friend would accompany me) to a turkish restaurant, to make it clear,what I want. Deniz will accompany me, after lending me a pair of real low-waist, that are so fashoinable in Germland. Unfortunately his size is 30, mine is 28(waistline, Lunario!). And I wanted to ask him for a low-waist jeans. Further on I´ll wear a pink Tee. If that doesn´t look gay, I have no idea. If you got some w/in the next two hrs. I´d be grateful! Laters Pilgrim


Long day

At like 8.30am CET I was at physio,it´s ´kay now, but when I left there, I got a call from my li´l Bro to pick him up from school, since they had already almost 30C/88F at 10 am! So I did and then we hung in at Mom´s and despite of three ventilators we still have like 27C/80F indoors. After 3 bottles of ice tea I stopped counting. At noon I made us sandwiches, s/thing light to not force us to transpire more than necessary. I mean, I´m not allergic on such temps., but it´s quite a difference to have it in the country or near the sea or on an island. I can bear w/it in Beyrout or Ibiza, but not in H-Town. Well, I´ll finish here. Comments?! Laters Pilgrim...p.s., do you like my backgroud pic?

My Laptop Backgroundpic

On Earth day, right before and after, left during the hour long power cut.


Hot day and a call

This morning I was at the physio and had a throughout massage of my gum-leg. After the yarn is removed, I really enjoy it! :-) We have a day my Dad only remembers from 2003, 30c/88F, and tomorrow we shall get like 35C/98F. My Dad already wears his tropical hat, like we were in the colonies. Maybe he´s right! ...late afternoon Sam called me to reassure himself that I still live. He wants me back, since he´s off the rehab, but I want him just as a friend. Do you get me?...my little bro and me were at the zoo to look for the li´l leopards. They were so cute! Sorry, no pics yet, but I´ll try, when my older Bro is back from a RFCC-Gontest in Birmingham. My Gf made a great bbq last eve., so I was so fed that I hain´t eaten since. :-) Tadah Pilgrim



This frieds connect friends is commrcial and virus infected and seemingly undeletebale! Laters Pilgrim


Physiotherapy and heat

Well, as told, today was my first Gum-leg therapy, a soft leg massage below the knee(take your minds out of the gutter!), then a bit of ergometric cycling, then I had a massive cramp in my leg, so I received a light electric massage which easened my pain. My first ever cramp, I always thought old peepz get cramps.*shrug* ...that was this morning ´round 10am CET, when I was home it was like 28C/84F out there. Now, as I write this, it´s still 23C/74F. List of drinks today: coffee, ice tea(almost frozen,forgot to take it out the freezer), water, water and more water. Had like 5 sms from Turkboy, didn´t respond him though. ...which reminds me...Sammi, thx for the french post, I understood it apart from some mistakes of time or relation. When will I be able to comment you en direct? :-( ...@Jamsey, mission accompli! :-) Did you get my mails? ...@Urs, I ain´t your canim, you got a wife and kids. :-p ...and please some more comments, you know, I like it and you! :-) Tadah Pilgrim


He checked me out

My new turkish friend and met last evening for pizza and ice tea. We mostly talked about random things until he started to name me Canim. My sweet one in english. I was like "what do you wanna tell me?" and he blushed. Maybe I was a bit too straight. But then, I usually act straight. When somebody falls for me, I can´t help it to be amused. Anyway, he then told me what I think of a friendship. I asked him back, what he meant by this. He felt a little uncomfy and dropped the subject. We left and I said I call him in the next days, knowing if I say so, I don´t it most prbly. ...on another note; from tomorrow I receive physio therapy for my gum-leg on a daily assignment. Hope to get fit before vacations end in about two weeks time. Tadah Pilgrim



This is probably the most underestimated church holiday, since nobody lesser than the mother of our Lord Jesus Chirist was taken to heaven by God for she was more than just your average mother. Ste. Mary led a life that brought her many adoration, even from the apostles. So she was in the early centuries seen as a teacher of the faith. In her assumption she received the insignias of a queen, and she is the first person ever to be sainted. So, thi is the day of worship to her. I wrote this post only to remind my catholic brethren of her importance. Laters Pilgrim


My weakness

Sure, I said I don´t need my crutches anymore. This is technically right, but after some wks. of lying on the chaise longue especially my left leg is pretty weak, it sometimes feel like caochuc when I stand straight up. And before I provoke another fall down, I take the right hand crutch as a walking aide. Don´t consider me to be a whining pimp now, I´m far from that, it´s a sheer physical thing. Nonetheless, we go to an exhibition in a nearby city about Otto II, german king, emperor of the holy roman empire of german nation 1000 years ago. You know it´s this empire, that Napoleon crushed in 1805, or the first reich. Anyway, now lunch, then we´re off. Laters Pilgrim...Wk., please read your comments! :-)...Oh, and before I forget it, don´t you take an example in Davids "Small Town Chat, never! To give up only because one doesn´t get the expected amount of comments, is ridicoulousy! But then, I can´t comment on a lot of blogs I follow, simply because they have this below the post page commenting system.


I may walk

Yay! The doc removed my bandage, inspected the stiches and just put a band aid over it. Then he told me I am recovering well, so I can skip the crutches and walk around like a sound Pilgrim. Only rollerblading is forbidden for another 4 wks, which sucks, because I´ll miss out on two major contests. At least I now can accompany my Gf. on her tours and take back my place from Rafiq. ...In other news, Sam is free again, after 2 months in detox in Bretangne. He sms-ed me, asking if I where anywhere near to end my vacations. I return sms-ed him, that we won´t be in Paris before school/uni starts. In the next days I prbly. will txt later in the evenings, due to some day travels we wanna take.This evening Mom cooks s/thing special, then we´ll have some Limoncello w/Mineral water on ice.It´s new to me so I don´t know how it wll taste, but Mom says, it tastes like summer. Tadah Pilgrim...welcome back in the Blogosphere, Jamsey!


A call

Val called me around lunchtime, and I was really surprised. He actually only wanted to know when we come back to Paris. But as longer the convo went, the more he went in to phonesex!*lol* I was like arrgh and before he came or whatever, Ihung up. Ain´t it ridiculous what some peepz do at the phone? :-D Tadah Pilgrim

Un tip pour ce soir

Tonight at 9pm CET on Arte they show a classic/cult movie, "DIVA". You, how have either cable or rather Sat dishes should watch it, I only can highly recommend it! I won´t sound like Benji, but at times I might give you tips, what´s whorth to watch in Euroland, as long as it speaks english or rather francais. In case you live not in a french or german speaking country or overseas, you can try the net, or tomorrow. Laters Pilgrim



I have several themes in the pocket, but at appropriate time, not right now. ...Thx to those(you know who you are) to give me so positive comments on my last post. :-) ...@Michelle, I consider to post some recipes of lebanese origin soon. ...This morning I was at the hospital to let them change my bandage and asked the doc, how long recovery would take. He gave a pretty blank look as if had asked for an immediate wonder, then he said I would have to wait at least 4 more weeks. So, a bleak outlook on my further vacation plans. Anyway, Rafiq and my Gf. have a great time and my lil Bro enjoys them, while I spend my days in front of an almost broken TV(no picture, only sound). If you can cheer me up a little, be it here or on your blogs, d be grateful. Tadah Pilgrim...wow, looks as if it is a real post! :-D



This post should reflect on how I see myself in company of my friends, who are mostly muslims. I respect them fully as they do to me, though there are sometimes discussions on religious questions like why to eat halal these days, where everybody has a fridge or freezer, or how we see Taliban and Peoples Mujahiddin. Sometimes I end up lecture them about the differnces on the latter subject. And most of them never heard about the Satanic Verses by Sir Salman Rushdie, let alone about the Fatwa Khomeini ruled on Rushdie. So some of my friends like Rafiq(e.g.) consider me more muslimic than catholic, which is funny to me, since I argument strictly from a catholic piont of view, another one even aked me once, if I were a Sunnite! Of course not, I only read the Qur´an with the confidence of not becoming influenced by it. They, on the other hand, rarerly know the Bible nor the Qur´an, that they only read in their Mosques. They call my name in the arab version, I get invited to liberal as well to more conservative families on Bayram, while we also hang out toghether, blading, some even drink alcohol when I drink Coke. And only few of them take Ramadhan serious, while I take Lent as it was meant. You see, all in all we are not so different at all, when you have the chance to become real friends. In this sense Sala´am Aleikum, have all a nice weekend, Inch Allah! Laters Pilgrim

Met the turkish boy again

Yep,tonite I met him again! He looks good, has an unexplicable sexappeal and gave me his number after a quite a talk. I´happy! :-) Short one, Iknow. Tadah Pilgrim


Ugh! Siesta!

Yeah, I get spanish/SoCal habitudes when it´s like 90F/31C! Kiddo and my Gf. are at the zoo, they had free tickets, and they have a lot of beast kids, esp. Leopards, of which the li´l One is amazed. Meanwhile, I was in hospital to let them change my bandage, but this time they´ve put a sort of selfdiposable pad in my wound, gave me 5 stiches and an antibiotic injection for a week and the new, not yet blood-soaked bandage. Mom said I could take a Pernod a l´eau to kill the fucking itching in my leg and it works thou.gh the Pernod makes me sweat even in front of 3(three) ventilator. Depending where you live, have a cool day! :-) Tadah Pilgrim...P.S., and if you want more of today, comment now! :-)


Dog Day Afternoon

It´s all like li´l bugs under my bandage in this warmth, we have about 86F/29C atm., my li´l Bro had heat free right on his first day at school after summer vacations, so my Dad picked him up at school and brought the little darling over to let me babysit him. I was like get out of here, I´m a star!; the li´l gun always comes up w/crazy ideas, he wanted me to come along to a public pool. Imust add, atm I´m not even allowed to shower, just wash over the sink. As he insisted, I simply called a buddy, whose peepz have backyard pool, and know him. My Gf. drove him over there and will bring him back for dinner. ...On a heavier note; today is Hiroshima-Day. You all know what that means! Laters Pilgrim...P.S., don´t forget to comment!


Public Party, bad "Joke" and hospital

We were at the so called Maschsee-Fest, an almost monthlong public party around an artificial lake in the downtown area. It was much fun, music I like, though I was only on Sprite(unspiked!). On our way back to the parking some pretty blotted germ thought it was fun to kick my left crutch off so that I fell to the left, where my injured leg is. It was dry so my clothes weren´dirt soaked, but my leg was bleeding. My Bro drove me to hospital, where they put me to the E.R. again, unwrapped the bandage and stopped the bleeding, gave me a new bandage. gave me a dozen more bandages to go and my Bro drove me home. A turkish boy gave this germ a good one, helped me up and my Bro to bring me to the car. Too bad I couldnásk for his number, he was a real good looking boy my age. Anyway, still alive, though not kicking, Pilgrim


Fairly well

At the doc this morning, he took the drain tube off, plastered and bandaged my leg, gave me another prescription of antibiotics and Voltaren, then I was sent home to see him next week again. Don´t misunderstand me, I´m still on crutches. ...Last sunday my older Bro had his 21st b-day, so there was a party and all the shebang, I decided to cease my meds for that day, so I could have at least one drink. For the rest of the day I relayed on Sprite/Icetea, but not not for long, since the icetea bottle was open, Rafiq spiced it w/vodka, to the effect, that I got drunk, but not so much that I weren´t able to walk w/my crutches. Anyway, it was a fairly good day. ...Tomorrow my ´rents and li´l Bro arrive back from Sylt, and I can watch my Gf. running around, trying to clean Mom´s appartment, while I watch either her or TV.*g* ...I was a bit disappointed, that my last post found so little interest. So I´ve put up a new poll on the subject. Please vote, so I´ll know, whether to continue or leave you in ignorance. Tadah Pilgrim


The light in Europe

Today, 95 yrs. ago, the Btitish Empire Central, London, asked the german ambassador in to the Foreign Office, where Sir Edward Grey handed him over the Declaration of War, in duty to the british guarantees towards Belgium. Here the WW I really started. "Now the lights in Europe turn off" is his famous quote obout this day. Laters Pilgrim


...to end all wars

In case you guys and gals forgot why you had no Greatgrandfather or Grandfather(for the older ones of you), today marks the 95th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. ...too bad I don´t dig this layout stuff for txts, so no poem by Wystan H. Auden(+1916 at the Somme), but a pic of the belgian commander-in-chief, S.M. Albert I., Roi des Belges.