This frieds connect friends is commrcial and virus infected and seemingly undeletebale! Laters Pilgrim


naturgesetz said...

Well, at least I managed to block it, so it doesn't appear on my list of followers anymore.

Dr Mandragora said...

Are you talking about that F in the red box on your friends list, Pilgrim?
Can't you block it from your dashboard?

naturgesetz said...

Yeah, if you go to your dashboard for the blog and click on the "followers" you should get a page showing all followers. Click on the F icon and there should be a page (which may take a bit of time to load). When it has loaded, it should give you an option that says something like "block this follower" just below the one that says "add to your list of friends." When I clicked "block this follower" the icon disappeared from the follower list on the dashboard and on my front page.

Hope it works for you.