Random stuff

Thx to those who wished me well for the upcoming college year, but I´m in my doctorates, so only a few day per month of colloquial sermon, technichally no uni at all, but praxis at the adjacent Institut Pierre et Marie Curie and Institut Louis Pasteur. Tomorrow I will go to find out what theoretical stuff PMU has to offer, that could be of interest to me. ...then I´ll look into yellow pages(did it already today) to find a good fitness center for fully recover my darn leg. ...Oh yeah, you will like this news! My Gf got an invitation to the Vogue Fashion Week 2009/2010 and guess who will be her company at the catwalk? Yay, right, it´s me! :-) I´d never been on such an event, so this will thrill me somewhat....and Sam called to make sure that I´m back. Maybe we meet next week. So long! Laters Pilgrim


Aek said...

No classes as a doctorate? Are you a few years in where now all you really do is research and your thesis?

Have fun at the fashion week thing. :)

Pilgrim said...

AEK, zhe french system might be differing from the american, but who found HIV III? Guys from Institut Pasteur.

Benji said...

didn't deleted it, i just hadn't accepted it ^^i haven't seen it :p

Mickle in NZ said...

Vogue fashion week - wow! Hope you've got plenty of time to work out what to wear.

Four 4 1/2 years my immdiate neighbours where Doctorate student (bio-chemistry). Three years of info gathering and good times, then flat out writing their theses for the rest. Once through the Drs moved to San Diego, California.

Hope it all goes as well for you,

care and huggles, Michelle and Zebbycat