Fairly well

At the doc this morning, he took the drain tube off, plastered and bandaged my leg, gave me another prescription of antibiotics and Voltaren, then I was sent home to see him next week again. Don´t misunderstand me, I´m still on crutches. ...Last sunday my older Bro had his 21st b-day, so there was a party and all the shebang, I decided to cease my meds for that day, so I could have at least one drink. For the rest of the day I relayed on Sprite/Icetea, but not not for long, since the icetea bottle was open, Rafiq spiced it w/vodka, to the effect, that I got drunk, but not so much that I weren´t able to walk w/my crutches. Anyway, it was a fairly good day. ...Tomorrow my ´rents and li´l Bro arrive back from Sylt, and I can watch my Gf. running around, trying to clean Mom´s appartment, while I watch either her or TV.*g* ...I was a bit disappointed, that my last post found so little interest. So I´ve put up a new poll on the subject. Please vote, so I´ll know, whether to continue or leave you in ignorance. Tadah Pilgrim


Mickle in NZ said...

Hiya Pilgrim,

Pleased your leg is getting better and you've had an (just the one!) enjoyable night. Boringly 44 year old Michelle is not sure of the wisdom of it. But hey - your leg hasn't fallen off yet!!!

Guess you will now be in for full on Mother fussing or telling off? - not so bad, see this amazing Woman cars very much, sit back and relax - especially if your are treated with more good Lebanese food.

Still - a very frustrating part of your Summer Hoidays.

love, care and huggles from Michelle downunder, xoxoxox

Mickle in NZ said...

And one day Ii will proof read my comments properly, LOL. Mickle xxx.

Jason Carwin said...

Oh, I love Voltaren!

torchy! said...

sounds like your leg is making progress, even if it's only slow.

hope you're able to ditch the crutches soon, but obviously after the appartment has been cleaned up :)

i have a 'casual interest' in the WW1 stuff, but i'd be more keen on watching a TV documentary on it.

that said, following the recent deaths of Harry Patch and Henry Allingham, i'm quite tempted to visit some war graves to see if i can find some rellies.


MartininBroda said...

I have made my comment, so I’m not guilty, but you are, you have caused I considered the point, how can it be to already forget the own great-grandfathers. So thanks and a good recovery.