Breakdown and return

First off, I´d like to thank the meaningful comments on my last post. Iam glad to have some of the more apt bloggers among my followers.(No offense!) :-) ...on monday eve. Mozilla had a networkprob., I tried to solve it by finding another non IE-server, but my driver crashed. So I was unable to connect anyhow and had to bring my laptop in to repair. Took them 3 (three)days to restore and update. ...Tomorrow we will return to Paris, schools and uni start next week. My therapist said that my leg is pretty fine and purposed me to join a treadmill a.ak.a. fitness studio to strengthen my muscles especially by ergometer and rowing, so both legs get the same treatment, the weaker somewhat more. She asked for my Doc in Paris to send him my dossier via snailmail, but then he which studio to go to and advise them what to do w/me or what I may do at their´s. Laters, packing Pilgrim...any idea how to barr(erase) this follower "F"?...p.p.s.s., please tell me in the usual anonymously way how you start your average day. Anything else doesn´t mean preference of coffee or tea but extraordinary morning usances. :-)...p.p.p.s.s.s, what did Courious Wolf really write? I was too late, his blog unfortunately was already deleted. :-(


Baz said...

Ditch your unwanted follower by:
1. On Dashboard, click on followers (either the funny pic, or on the no. of followers.
You see a list of all your followers.
2. Click on the picture of "F".
You get an option to "add as a friend" or "block this follower".
3. Click on "block this followe".

His pic will be removed from your followers list.

Pilgrim said...

Baz, that doesn´t work, there is only the "add as friend" option. :-/

Baz said...

Don't know then. I get both options.

Mr. Urs said...

That means if my mornings started as the evenings ended, i.e. with dirty & sportive sex, I have to select 'anything else'.

Mickle in NZ said...

Lucky Urs!

Pilgrim - Now mine usually start with a whack in the face from my cat, claws out.