Hot day and a call

This morning I was at the physio and had a throughout massage of my gum-leg. After the yarn is removed, I really enjoy it! :-) We have a day my Dad only remembers from 2003, 30c/88F, and tomorrow we shall get like 35C/98F. My Dad already wears his tropical hat, like we were in the colonies. Maybe he´s right! ...late afternoon Sam called me to reassure himself that I still live. He wants me back, since he´s off the rehab, but I want him just as a friend. Do you get me?...my little bro and me were at the zoo to look for the li´l leopards. They were so cute! Sorry, no pics yet, but I´ll try, when my older Bro is back from a RFCC-Gontest in Birmingham. My Gf made a great bbq last eve., so I was so fed that I hain´t eaten since. :-) Tadah Pilgrim


naturgesetz said...

Hope you can keep cool. And I hope Sam can be content with being just friends, since that is all he can have.

MartininBroda said...

Thanks for the visit; I'm busy with trying a translation (argh).

Jason Carwin said...

awww... little leopards! sounds amazing