He checked me out

My new turkish friend and met last evening for pizza and ice tea. We mostly talked about random things until he started to name me Canim. My sweet one in english. I was like "what do you wanna tell me?" and he blushed. Maybe I was a bit too straight. But then, I usually act straight. When somebody falls for me, I can´t help it to be amused. Anyway, he then told me what I think of a friendship. I asked him back, what he meant by this. He felt a little uncomfy and dropped the subject. We left and I said I call him in the next days, knowing if I say so, I don´t it most prbly. ...on another note; from tomorrow I receive physio therapy for my gum-leg on a daily assignment. Hope to get fit before vacations end in about two weeks time. Tadah Pilgrim


Dr Mandragora said...

I am assuming, Pilgrim, that you don't feel anything for your Turkish friend? I mean, I know you are in a relationship already, but still, the heart can be a fickle thing.

Besides, there is nothing wrong in looking. ;)

Anonymous said...

hey pilgrim. I wanna start with an apology because I know you always read my blog and leave comments and I never return the favour so sorry for that, but could you email me, I dont think you have your email address on display. I want to talk to you about my latest post.

Thanks a bunch pilgrim,
love j xxx

Mickle in NZ said...

Probably just as well, Dear Friend, gf has been so helpfull and caring along with being gf.......

maybe some time before a Male or two? Friendship with them is great - but how about be nice now, yet loyal to gf after all she has put up with over Summer.

can you tell I'm a bit young for 1970s feminism then so am a Gen X Feminist = realist and synical type.

If you're feeling baffled, try living it,

Much love and care, and laughter anyway,

Michelle XXXXXX

Mr. Urs said...

And "canım", did you call?