Ugh! Siesta!

Yeah, I get spanish/SoCal habitudes when it´s like 90F/31C! Kiddo and my Gf. are at the zoo, they had free tickets, and they have a lot of beast kids, esp. Leopards, of which the li´l One is amazed. Meanwhile, I was in hospital to let them change my bandage, but this time they´ve put a sort of selfdiposable pad in my wound, gave me 5 stiches and an antibiotic injection for a week and the new, not yet blood-soaked bandage. Mom said I could take a Pernod a l´eau to kill the fucking itching in my leg and it works thou.gh the Pernod makes me sweat even in front of 3(three) ventilator. Depending where you live, have a cool day! :-) Tadah Pilgrim...P.S., and if you want more of today, comment now! :-)


Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Friend, lovable and much loved Pilgrim,

So sad to learn how things are for you right now. Wish I could put enormous amounts of healing into your leg, cos my mind and soul are sending it to you.

Let your Mother pamper you with love, care and home made, "Mum" cooked food.

I know the getting well process is boring at times, and often frustrating - am there with you and for you.

Let yourself have some good sleeps - Zebbycat would love to be snoozling with you, sometimes the Michelle just doesn't snooze enough for him.

gentle hugs, care and love, Michelle xxxxx

Mr. Urs said...

My brother gave me once the tip to pour some vodka inside the plaster cast to kill the itching when I had a broken foot. Well I did not dare to do it.
Take care, lots of rest and sip some hot tea.

Pilgrim said...

Erm, Power and Healing!

Mickle in NZ said...

Vodka tip - not right now Pilgrim, but... is great stuff.

Mr.Urs - hope there is some good vodka in your life,

care and huggles to both of you, Mickle xxx

Dr Mandragora said...

Unfortunately there is not much to be done about the itching, except perhaps to dribble a bit of talcum powder inside, but I'm not certain even that is allowed. It may irritate more than soothe.

Sorry, buddy. But keep on resting!