As I am

you get more about me u obviously have no idea of me! Me is a a very coomplicated person. Maybe I you mo
re on on my 200 th post .For now it´s just another mystery about me. Iwill sty an eternal mystery!


Seth said...

But we love you, mystery and all!!

naturgesetz said...

What you choose to reveal about yourself and what you choose to keep hidden is up to you. We do not have a right to an answer to every question we ask.

One can only guess at what is not revealed (and of course one does, maybe correctly, maybe not).

I hope your convalescence is going well.

Mickle in NZ said...

Life without some mystery is boring.

Eternal Mystery - so you're goona live for ever? good like trying

Michelle xxx

Mickle in NZ said...

My own, only language - and I stuff up!!! please laugh with me, dear Pilgrim.

Do always retain some mystery, some privacy, and your caring natural nature - with a little reserve.

Hope the leg is improving and you are heaps more mobile, please still take it easy so you are healed when back in Paris and in full on studies.

care, and caring love,

Michelle, huge hug, xxx

MartininBroda said...

It’s not that surprising for me you’re seeing yourself as a complicated person, but plain persons are usually not much interesting. So it’s not bad to be a mystery, I have no problems with this attitude at all (but eternal mystery is a bit too much). I hope the leg is a lot better now.

torchy! said...

hey everyone, i had a message from Pilgrim a few hours ago. he says

"I had a major crash, so I won't be able to be back posting before tomorrow. Can you please tell our community. Thx in advance, propz Pilgrim"

hopefully he's talking about a pc crash rather than any sort.

best wishes to you all