I have several themes in the pocket, but at appropriate time, not right now. ...Thx to those(you know who you are) to give me so positive comments on my last post. :-) ...@Michelle, I consider to post some recipes of lebanese origin soon. ...This morning I was at the hospital to let them change my bandage and asked the doc, how long recovery would take. He gave a pretty blank look as if had asked for an immediate wonder, then he said I would have to wait at least 4 more weeks. So, a bleak outlook on my further vacation plans. Anyway, Rafiq and my Gf. have a great time and my lil Bro enjoys them, while I spend my days in front of an almost broken TV(no picture, only sound). If you can cheer me up a little, be it here or on your blogs, d be grateful. Tadah Pilgrim...wow, looks as if it is a real post! :-D


Dr Mandragora said...

The body heals slowly. After one of my surgeries, some stitches had to be removed early because the wound became infected. The hospital cleaned it out, but didn't restaple the incision point. They left it open to heal on its own, and I had to change out the dressing that was stuffed in it twice a day. The wound was about an inch and a half long and took three months to heal. Not fun.

Jason Carwin said...

that's too bad about 4 weeks recovery time. Sorry, man.

Pilgrim said...

Jason, don´t worry, I´ll be fine till christmas. :-)

MartininBroda said...

It would be worse you were in hospital with snoring old men and such pleasant things, some years ago I ruined my Achilles tendon and got an inflammation in my leg, I was 12 weeks there during a hot summer, one week more and I would have killed someone I guess. So be happy :-)
a bit.

naturgesetz said...

Sorry to hear it will take so long. Take good care of it/yourself.

Mickle in NZ said...

Hello dear Friend,

I konow the leg must now feel like it is such a nuisance. Persevere and let it heal fully - otherwise it will be a pest in later life.

Many thanks for future recipes. I became a keen cook after most of the large intestine was removed 11 years ago, now I'm a true foodie too.

Am sure Gf. and Rafiq are not just partying but looking after you, and entertaining lil bro too.

(BIG hello to your Mother, she must be around my age)

Sending laughes, cooler weather, care and huggles

Michelle xxxx, Zebbycat once more has face buried in his (once was my) fluffy scarf