Physiotherapy and heat

Well, as told, today was my first Gum-leg therapy, a soft leg massage below the knee(take your minds out of the gutter!), then a bit of ergometric cycling, then I had a massive cramp in my leg, so I received a light electric massage which easened my pain. My first ever cramp, I always thought old peepz get cramps.*shrug* ...that was this morning ´round 10am CET, when I was home it was like 28C/84F out there. Now, as I write this, it´s still 23C/74F. List of drinks today: coffee, ice tea(almost frozen,forgot to take it out the freezer), water, water and more water. Had like 5 sms from Turkboy, didn´t respond him though. ...which reminds me...Sammi, thx for the french post, I understood it apart from some mistakes of time or relation. When will I be able to comment you en direct? :-( ...@Jamsey, mission accompli! :-) Did you get my mails? ...@Urs, I ain´t your canim, you got a wife and kids. :-p ...and please some more comments, you know, I like it and you! :-) Tadah Pilgrim


Anonymous said...

There isn't anything wrong with my settings! Everyone else can post...

It must be a problem with your settings :S.

Dr Mandragora said...

Cramps are hell. I get them sometimes on my thighs at night and the pain is so bad, I've actually screamed out loud. Horrible stuff. I've heard they can be caused by not drinking enough water or low potassium, but I don't know.

BTW, and forgive me if I am overstepping myself, but you said the massage easened your pain. There is no such word.

You could have said lessened the pain, or eased the pain, but not a combination of the two. I thought you would want to know.

naturgesetz said...

I've also heard that cramps are caused by low potassium. So the preventive is literal bananas.

Sounds as if the leg is progressing. Before long you'll be walking with only a slight limp, which you can pass of as the result of a war wound. LOL

BTW, I hope you're walking with a cane now and using it for maximum effect. LOL again.

Mickle in NZ said...

Cramp - ARRRRGH. Kiwifruit are a good source of potassium.

Quinine also helps ease cramp. Here it is still put in Tonic Water. Cheers!

Michelle xxx

Mr. Urs said...

Some weeks I had a cramp in the calf during a horizontal limbo. Kind of a painful unintended coitus interruptus. Very annoying.

Anonymous said...

LOL! u think 28C is hot..
~sigh~ summer's here are terrible! i wanna run away to the artic during Aussie summers... we need global cooling. hmm, and lots of ice tea as well =)