Long day

At like 8.30am CET I was at physio,it´s ´kay now, but when I left there, I got a call from my li´l Bro to pick him up from school, since they had already almost 30C/88F at 10 am! So I did and then we hung in at Mom´s and despite of three ventilators we still have like 27C/80F indoors. After 3 bottles of ice tea I stopped counting. At noon I made us sandwiches, s/thing light to not force us to transpire more than necessary. I mean, I´m not allergic on such temps., but it´s quite a difference to have it in the country or near the sea or on an island. I can bear w/it in Beyrout or Ibiza, but not in H-Town. Well, I´ll finish here. Comments?! Laters Pilgrim...p.s., do you like my backgroud pic?


MartininBroda said...

I like the picture and I have made a translation (like someone has suggest) at this heat (!) where one gets mad. So ceep cool. :-)

Fer said...

Damn! hate the hot weather, unless you're at the beach with a frozen beverage in one hand and in the other someone to share it with, luckily we're having some great rainy evenings. Also great picture, a sight to be seen. Work that leg and feel better =)


Mickle in NZ said...

High temperatures nasty, now days I can't handle them well.

Expect your Mum is grateful that you are looking after younger bro' in the super hot temps.

Sorry that I missed your screen background pics when you posted them - opposite sides of the world etc..... - the photos are incredible, and remind me of my first sight of that tower back in July 1987, was at night...

Enough rambling raving from Mickle, keep working on getting that leg healthy so all is okay when you get back to Paris.

And do make the effort to enjoy the time with little bro', years later he might even thank you for it!!!

Care, love and happiness, Michelle, xxx

Jason Carwin said...

Oh I hate super hot days like that. When things get really hot out here, I pretty much die. It's made worse by the fact that I have no air conditioning in my house. It was 80F at 11:00 at night once in my house. It was awful.

naturgesetz said...

Nice pics.

When it's that hot, you have to dress as if you were in Beirut or at the beach.

torchy! said...

guess i missed the background pic :(