To David de la Cruz/ Another random post

Since I can´t comment on your comment scheme, I hope you read me here! You make a complete fool out of you, being jealous on M.boy. He has certainly mor guts than a lot of the other bloggers, and is a nice boy. As for pics, he is not so exhibitionist as you, but if you go back in his blog you find pics! Despite, many blogs in our part of the blogosphere are more or less txt-blogs like mine. You either accept it or you are deffo in the wrong place or time. ...Well, rant over, now to something completely different. I have a couple of theoretical lessons per week, I found out this morning, but 3/4 of the time I do research for the next 2 yrs. So I´ll be still much younger than most of you when I promote to Ph.D. ...I also was at my Doc here, to get some info on what shall happen now to my leg, and he told me that I don´t need no fitness studio but a reha, though it could be done in some special reha-fitness studio on a non clinical basis regarding the circumstances. He tagged a specialists studio for me, in the 19th. Thx Doc! That means an hours ride un the Métro or by car, depending on the traffic downtown, since it it across the city for me. Well, sometimes, life almost sucks! lLaters Pilgrim


Anonymous said...

Two years for a PhD?! In U.S. universities it takes a minimum of four years, even for very talented students. What institution will you be getting your degree and what scientific field? Also, not meant to sound mean, but you really should try being more humble. You come off as very insecure when you flaunt your talents.

Pilgrim said...

Anon., why humble? And if could read, you´d know where and what i am.

y78ilm :: now on y78ilm.nibblebit.com/ said...

Well, think of all the fun you can do while wasting time on the Metro. Read the same stupid magazine over and over, or just sit and stare bored as fuck. There'll probably be a powercut stopping the train as well.
Nice isn't it? lol


Mr. Urs said...

Everything that helps to get your leg back in operation. We do not want a pilgrim with a limp dragging all attention from his GF when going to Vogue Fashion Week.

Pilgrim said...

Huh? Urs?

MartininBroda said...

Urs is in a funny mood. I like that.
I guess there are some (maybe few) more terrible things than 1 h of Metro, you can read books, have fun in observing people, complain about your fate. However.
The very young man doesn’t know what he wrote I guess, so we should have mercy, temporarily. Btw. (usually I don’t make this kind of remarks) there are certainly some kind things to say about you, “humble” is a bit out of range sometimes I think, but I appreciate you nevertheless. Good luck with your leg. I have to make translations.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should run around the net bullying people.

What David wrote was not an attack on mboy, it was a slighty ironic plea for more comments.
Mboy seems cool with it.

Don't forget he is only 16 and entitled to make mistakes.