An appointment to me, a date to him

Since it´s friday, I eventually called Bilal,this turkish friend. I asked him out(not mentioning another turkish friend-friend would accompany me) to a turkish restaurant, to make it clear,what I want. Deniz will accompany me, after lending me a pair of real low-waist, that are so fashoinable in Germland. Unfortunately his size is 30, mine is 28(waistline, Lunario!). And I wanted to ask him for a low-waist jeans. Further on I´ll wear a pink Tee. If that doesn´t look gay, I have no idea. If you got some w/in the next two hrs. I´d be grateful! Laters Pilgrim


Mickle in NZ said...

if only an appointment, why such care over your clothing??

Mickle's stroppy self emerging here.

Still much care for that leg, and love for you anyway,

Michelle over in NZ, xxxxx

naturgesetz said...

What business do you hope to do with your appointment?

Dr Mandragora said...

I am slightly confused, Pilgrim. Is this a romantic evening?

Is the other Turkish friend there because you are uncomfortable being alone with Turkish friend 2?

Or is he there to make it clear to the waiter what you want to eat?

And when can I see you in these low waist sexy jeans? :) Lol

Jason Carwin said...

Hi. Do you have msn?

Mine is same as my email: jasoncarwin1@gmail.com