Public Party, bad "Joke" and hospital

We were at the so called Maschsee-Fest, an almost monthlong public party around an artificial lake in the downtown area. It was much fun, music I like, though I was only on Sprite(unspiked!). On our way back to the parking some pretty blotted germ thought it was fun to kick my left crutch off so that I fell to the left, where my injured leg is. It was dry so my clothes weren´dirt soaked, but my leg was bleeding. My Bro drove me to hospital, where they put me to the E.R. again, unwrapped the bandage and stopped the bleeding, gave me a new bandage. gave me a dozen more bandages to go and my Bro drove me home. A turkish boy gave this germ a good one, helped me up and my Bro to bring me to the car. Too bad I couldnásk for his number, he was a real good looking boy my age. Anyway, still alive, though not kicking, Pilgrim


Dr Mandragora said...

I can't believe someone thought it would be funny to knock away your crutch. What a jerk.

And son, you need to stay inside and rest until you heal up a bit more. I don't understand you pushing yourself out the door. Rest and recuperate. The less you rest, the longer and more drawn out your healing time is going to be.

Take it from someone who has had two surgeries and a total of 61 stitches to care for.

Baz said...

I don't comment that often, but time for some serious thought!
First tho, I agree with Dr M - just can't get my head round with someone knocking your crutch away. "Jerk" doesn't really describe it.

You need to rest your leg. Let it heal. Keep pushing yourself - it'll take longer to heal, and you could cause complications. Take it easy, let it heal it properly.

One of my work colleagues got bitten by his own dog - the wound got infected. Despite prompt medical intervention, he was off work for three months.

Don't let that happen to you. Rest, don't overdo things. The leg will heal in its own time, if you let it.

Don't overdo things. Give your body time to heal itself.

Luv, Baz

MartininBroda said...

Was für ein Kroppzeug, tut mir ehrlich leid; aber du solltest wirklich versuchen, etwas Ruhe zu finden, für dich selbst.

Mr. Urs said...

This accident (the one in London) seems to quite continuously go from bad to worse. When will worst be reached do I ask myself. I keep my fingers crossed for a change of luck. Take care.

naturgesetz said...

I hope you will not have any more setbacks on the road to recovery.

Three cheers for the young Turk.

Anonymous said...

I am not meant to be commenting cos im on holiday and I should have better things to do. But if you don't listen to these comments then im flying straight from the USA and coming to find u where i will tie you to your bed until are better. Someone i was talkin too suggested handcuffs but I thought that was a bit extreme, Pilgrim take care of yourself, you don't want to do permanent damage. I already contacted interpol to find out who the jerk was and will be sending the 'lads round' when we find him.
Take care and REST


Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Pilgrim, what a jerk of a germ, and a hero of a Turk.

Please follow recommendation of me and the others and rest up. Even when you are through all the antibiotics etc... and can drink again - make the party come to you.

In the meantime let you rMother care for you, and feed you up on all her glorious Lebanese cooking.

To Pilgrim's Mother - so wish I was over there to

1) remind Pilgrim to rest up, and

2) watch and learn from your cooking, then

3) we could go out together and leave Pilgrim in a well fed state at home while we partied in our own way.

Pilgrim - I'm not kidding, yet i care about your very much. Rest up that leg so it can heal and get it well.

Because I might even try inline skates, or Belly dancing, maybe both but not at once!!! Which ever I try, I think I'll need elbow and knee pads anyway LOL

much love and huggles, Michelle xxx