It was a weird evening

When we met last evening Bilals eyes were literally falling out of his head. That alone was worth the dress up. :-D After he was breathing again I introduced Deniz to him as "my friend". Deniz gave my a short odd glance, but then he played along. But then Bilal adressed me in french and made it clear that he is in to me. I suddenly remembered, that when I was like ten yrs. old he used to come over to my Dad for extra lessons in french, he lived in our immediate neighborhood then. Anyway, we went to a turkish restaurant where Deniz sat at my side of the table, Bilal opposite us. I had Adana Kebab, Deniz chose Koefte and Bilal s/thing with liver and rice, forgot what is was called. While we were waiting to be served we talked a bit in our common language for the eve., but it was just conversation. Somehow I gathered that Bilal was jealous about Deniz*lol*, the only really straght one of us three. But Deniz made a convincing lover. Maybe because he plays theater in school. And looking at us, Bilals dark eyes went almost black as his face gave a rather grim expression. We dined in silence, and after Bilal had finished, he stood up, payed his meal and went out w/out a word nor looking back. I hope that was it, since after my call the other day he has my number. On the other hand I guess, I reached my goal to deffo get rid of him. Well, Deniz and I finished our meals, paid and left to go to the movies to watch this highly acclaimed "Iglourious Bastards". But we didn´t like it too well. After the movie we went to him, so I could redress myself, then had some drinks. At around dawn I left him for home even though he offered me a sleepover. Woke up well after noon, called Deniz to thank him again. Maybe we meet again for tonite w/my Gf., and Rafiq. Have a nice We. where ever you are. :-) Laters Pilgrim...I hope John´s question is answered within this post.


naturgesetz said...

Well, it answers the question, but it raises another: why did you invite him out in the first place? It seems to me that ever since he helped you with the thugs, you have been the one initiating contact. At the very least, it has been mutual. Why did you want to get his hopes up, if all you were going to do was disappoint him in the end?

Anonymous said...

So this treatment is what someone who helped you, without even knowing you, receives? Oh boy!

Mickle in NZ said...

Aha, so that is where things are at, relieved that I now understand - maybe.

Hope that leg continues to heal, be careful and be gentle with it for a wee while more - it will pay off for you.

Bloody hell - don't I sound like a doting Auntie!!! I must learn how to get around on inline skates!

Only knee and elbow padding required as the rest of me provides more than enough of it's own.

Much care, Michelle and Zebbycat, xxx and VERY LOUD PURRING*

* is his normal way to show affection, if only I could link him up to my alarm clock.