Rugby and Val

Yay me! 5 goals in a training match! It was a great time, where I can forget all m< troubs. But no! Val found our actually secret training ground and approached as soon training was over and we had showered and dressed in our normal clothes. He invited me again for a lateRR dinner and a drink, but this time I beat him w/asking him what his age actually is. He told me, he´s going to be 16 this year in july! So, he´s not too young, Herr Naturgrsrtz! :-) Anyway, to me he is only a friend, Hope, he understood my wallon accent! Tadah Pilgrim...P.S. Torcy, I can´t answer you!


MartininBroda said...

Congratulations and good to hear, if I would be a bad guy and I’m too tired to be one (in this moment), I would ask how often understand Frenchman Wallons clearly (it’s a lame joke), if you don’t like my post today, let me make clear, you are not meant.

Pilgrim said...

This time I don´t understand you at all! But thx!

Samad said...

Hmm, you should clarify this with Val upfront. That you treat him only as a friend.

It wasn't nice of you to stood him up last time when you sneakily told him you'll see him at 22.00, when you're not there.

Furthermore, he's really into you, since he took the risk to kiss you, and is kinda stalking you right now.

what i don't understand is, why not go for it? he's kinda cute, like what you said.

Pilgrim said...

Samad, this eve. I was simply not in an< nood, ´kay?!

Seth said...

w00t rugby players :)

naturgesetz said...

I didn't mean legally too young. I just meant the age difference would make a romantic attachment inappropriate. But since you're definitely not going to have one, neither its legality nor its appropriateness matters.