New poll

This time I want to know if and how much you smoke. Not, that it is accusing anybody, it´s just for the record. Please vote! :-)


jay.osa said...

you left out if you smoked and quit. i smoked for a bit, but have quit now for the last few years. (still miss it just as much as the day i quit, i just don't do it anymore)

naturgesetz said...

When I was about 24, one of the monks smoked a cigar as we walked around for recreation after dinner. One evening he offered me on, and I liked it. After I had been smoking for a while, somebody pointed out that pipe tobacco was much cheaper. So I also smoked pipes for a while, but they were much harder to keep lit — actually I had to keep relighting them. And the smoke "bit" my tongue. So after a couple of years I stopped smoking pipes. At some point I also tried cigarettes, but compared to cigars, they were flavorless. So I ended up just smoking cigars, until I started being on a computer after dinner. I don't want to stink up the house, and with the computer use, I have no time on the porch to sit and smoke.

Jonathan said...

How much do you smoke, eh? :P

I only smoke at a party or something. And I only smoke two kinds - Reds or Davidoffs usually.


Captastro said...

As jay.osa said, I used to smoke, but quit 8 years ago. I was smoking about a pack and a half per day.