Death in the afternoon

No, not Sam, but a friend of my neighbor, the poet. He hanged himself earlier today and firrst time in my life I saw a man really cry! An earthshatterring crying! He stood in front of our house by about midnite, I could hear him cry like from ten feet away. I wanted to comfort him at least a bit, but he denied it, telling me, he can get clear on himself. ... Sorry, I wanted to start on a happier note, but now that´s gone. Not that I´m like this close the poet, but he is a nice guy. R.U, guys! and good nite from Paris, Pilgrim ...oh, and thx for a single comment on my previous post! :-(


naturgesetz said...

There can be a stage in grief where we just want to feel the grief, rather than to be consoled. Maybe later your neighbor will be ready for condolences.

LJ said...

i really don't like it when men cry its heart breaking. to see someone so strong cry :(

so sorry for your neighbor's loss


Anonymous said...

My cousin shot herself when I was a teen, she was like my sister though. It's a very difficult thing to deal with. Even to this day I wonder what I could have done to change the outcome. C'est dommage, non?
It's my pleasure to have found your blog, and thanks for your feedback as well.

torchy! said...

this was obviously a terrible thing for your neighbour, but it can't have been easy for you either: it's very disturbing to see a man cry in the way you describe. what to do? what to say to help ease his pain? very difficult...


Anonymous said...

I'm a guy who cries a lot. At Mary Poppins and all sorts. But for the big things it's truly body-wracking, it's true.

Men should cry when it's bad. It's so much better than bottling it all up inside.

Makes it harder on you or me faced with trying to comfort them, though. I'm certain N is right about 'in due course'.