Estaba Jet-Skiing

Well; aside of No10.Boys, we was jetskiing for the first time in m y life! Amazing experience! Really classy in the Mediterranean! :-) How is you guys doinn´at home w/out vacations? We have a big holiday tomorrow, Jour de la libération! My newly won friends(british,ausssies,belgians:-),swiss) are all looking forwards tomorrow. Hope i´ll be having a big party! So, excuse me for then, may be more blotted as the other day. Laters, Pilgrim


Anonymous said...

Do it good.

I have another week to wait, though it's our anniversary this weekend but then another week until we're off to our Lake District.

First time I've been there it'll be - & for the Former Bitch, of course. All those sheep!
(NO - they're for HER!)

naturgesetz said...

It sounds as if you're having a great time.