Anwers to my 75th post

@Joe; aside from my native french I speak, read and write english, spanish, arabic, I also speak geman, berberian(algerian tribal dialect) and turkish, in terms of honneurs and verbal injuries polish, russian, hebrew and farsi. @ Gomad; my fave languages are french and arabic. French is the language of diplomacy, love and poésie, arabic is the language of half my family, colorful and poetic. As for my relation towards Sam, see previous posts. :-) @ Jonathan; I have traveled a lot, so only my faves, Ireland, Tennesee, California, NYC(USofA), Lebanon, Spain, GB, Norway. My fave movies are listed in my profile. :-) @ Sasha; my inspiration here was to find some buddies, who I don´t have to face daily IRL*g* Actually, your question is hard to answer. Idk. @ Micky; more introverted. Well, that was that, easier as a 100 things-about-me-thingy. But I had hoped for more people taking part in this. Anyway. Laters Pilgrim


Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering my question - and that's what I had deduced!

I have other relationships with people whose breath I can feel (if you forgive the poetry of the expression) where people react at U do and say the sorts of things sometimes which U do. They misinterpret things as you sometimes do.

For eg. You asked me in what came over as an imperious way in a comment link on It's Getting Better to please remove your link from Kieran's Kingdom because you had never linked to it.

You completely misunderstood the situation. When I find a new blog I invite people to link with whichever of my blogs they wish. Afteral, 3 is a lot.

But because the more places a person's blog is mentioned in a bloglist the more Visitors that blog is likely to get, I therefore usually put links on both blogs.

Because I can & because it should help the newer blogger.

That is why a link to your blog was on Kieran. It did NOT mean that you liked or approved of the blog. But it might have brought you fifty or a hundred more Visitors per day.

Who can tell without analytics?

So, you see, sometimes one does things with the best of intentions only to have people say "no thank you".

That and other things are why I thought you were introverted rather than an extrovert. Inward looking, self-centred to a degree (don't be offended!) and not so outward looking or so willing to look for the motives and to understand the wishes of others.

Doesn't mean that I don't like your blog or you - it just fits.

Pilgrim said...

Micky, I´m linked already so many peepz., that I sometimes don´t know. It wasn´t meant offensive, or anything, I even remember that you invited me to all three of your blogs, but I deided for just one at first. Later I linked "Smutty Stuff", where you obviously oversaw me. So your rant runs in to an empty space.Sry.!

naturgesetz said...

A good number of languages there. Is Berberian a Semitic language?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to explain bit about how short comments sometimes get misunderstood.

Pilgrim said...

Joe, berberian isan arab dialect, though seen by lingiusts as a language of its own.

Anonymous said...

I didn't intend to be a difficult question. Just was trying to do one vague enough to allow you the freedom to choose how to answer.

Glad to see you're getting a rest from Sam. and I hope he is doing well with his recovery