I am annoyed

Not one comment on a post, in which I expressed my own feelings instead of those towards Sam?! How sick is that!?... I had my powwow w/his ´rents, they shared my concerns, appreciated my caring for him, that´s it. What did you expect? I ain´t no sorcerer or wizzard, who does things by a snap of his fingers. Such things need time. And I have also other stuff to do, i.e. my physics term paper is due next week, so I need time to study. If you are really interested in me, then show it, and not just because I told you about some friends probs. Good nite, Pilgrim, and sorry for the ranting.


Seth said...

Hey sorry I have not been commenting much - I PROMISE to catch up with your blog in the next couple days.


jay.osa said...

ya me too, i have been away for a very long and trying weekend.

naturgesetz said...

It is important to realize that sometimes people get busy for a while and don't check all the blogs they follow. Then when they get to it, they may not think of something interesting to say, while other blogs may tell of a problem where the bloggers seems to need advice or encouragement.

So don't take it as some kind of rejection, or even disinterest, if some posts don't get a response.

I'm glad to have the updates on your weekend.

torchy! said...

well like i belatedly said on your last post, i think you're a star for telling your concerns to Sam's parents.

and sometimes when you're desperate for something to happen, or for someone to take action, nothing does happen, and it can be very frustrating. but ultimately, you've done your duty, it's out of your hands now.

i wish you the best of lick with your term paper.

and btw i think naturgesetz has got it right about posting. i've only just now read your post from yesterday so i'm 2 or 3 days late. it's been starred in my reader so i wouldn't forget, but i just don't have much time to read or comment these days.

as for commenting on Jamsey - for reasons that i don't even know right now, i don't follow him, so i don't often read his blog. i saw an interesting title so i thought i'd check him out and leave a rare comment for him.


Doomed But Cheerful! said...

I used to say that commments were like the bubbles in my Champagne. Sometimes you might find a bottle that is slightly less 'fizzy' than others. There is no particular reason, it jusy happens.

Of course, NG has said it all, and so much better! But that's my 10c thought for the day!

G =]

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Pétillant, or petulant.

You should appear on my dashboard now!
G =]