La valise des amis

They missed me on Milkboys Tinychat, me not knowing, that they changed to another channel. Suckers! Am I supposed to follow everything par instant? I like Benji and Skip, but them both have the faintest of me or my life! Plz., you may comment me, but w/a reason, not to gimme your e-mail addies! I´d rather would meet Chris back alive, une chose, qui ne apparait jamais non plus. ...I can´t hinder/prevent anybody from here, but I beg you to do so! Chat is chat, Blog is blog! Don´t miss the difference, my friends!...Are you all relly valid guys? Some like Torchy are, Joe, Micky, Jamsey and Joshua too. Le reste? Think on and bout. ...I had a lengthy talk w/Sam, ending w/the common french word, on verras bien! Good chances for Sam*lol*...well, I get tired now(small wonder), so I leave you in this world w/propz and Good nite, yours Pilgrim


torchy! said...

merçi Pilgrim. bon nuit :)


Pilgrim said...

De rien, Torchy, bonne nuit! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wot are U 2 getting up 2?