What´s up w/Torchy?

Torchy announced his partly(holidaylike) withdrawal from blogging or commenting! Can´t we stop him? He is one of the real stars in our blogosphere, my tutor in blog things and a friend of sorts to many of us! Will you let him go? Or did I miss s/thing? :-X


naturgesetz said...

As I understand it, torchy! isn't completely abandoning the blogosphere, just cutting way back because he doesn't have time to keep going at the level he has been. Beyond that, he's about to head to the States on a business trip. and that will further limit his time for internet contacts.

Pilgrim said...

As far as I know, there I-net in the states. :-)

naturgesetz said...


Yes, but he'll have to be working — unlike in the UK, where all he needs to do is visit the cb's and post things on the internet.


Pilgrim said...

*lol* I love these cb-posts! And I wanted to explain to him the service on a Rememberance Mass.

naturgesetz said...

I'm confident that we haven't seen the last of torchy!. There will still be an opportunity to explain, I'm sure.

Pilgrim said...

Hope so. And now you already know, who the agnostic from the C of E is.

Baz said...

Sure torchy! will still blog on his hols. He's taking either laptop or notebook with mobile broadband dongle - wich will be expensive, so he's looking to pick up a free wi-fi connection out there if he can.
That's what my first techy post is about. Setting up the whole post offline, including pictures, and with only a short connection time, uploading it to blogger.

torchy! said...


i can't be everywhere! it's actually a proper holiday not business, so there's no expenses to pay for internet, so i have to look for free wifi

also no broadband dongle. couldnt possibly afford it.

pilgrim, you could mail me if you like. i'll me more likely to pick up a mail than to see a blog.

a bientot