Sorry to Torchy and Joe NG

But first off, I´d like to welcome Baz, a new kid in the blogosphere, X! and last, but not least Doomed but Cheerful as new followers, big thx to the three of you! :-) ... And now to something completely different; it seems that I, unintentionally, sued Torchy(and others), of having been awol on the Rememberance mass held in Paris on May, 6th on behalf of Chris/Razz. This was not intended, since I asked on m< blog, if s/body would come over. Of course nobody answered this request, so I concluded, it was all hot air they txted on the then news of the decease of Chris. It was not! The post I refer to, can be found under the Date of May 12th, but I missed the send button, and put it to draft. When I found it earlier today, I´ve sent it, like rather now than never. My mistake, I should´ve deleted it instead. Can you accept my apology? I hope so, ...NG, I´ll answer you on your comments, if it is ´kay w/you. ...As you can see, I´m far from complete or a star, as Torchy put it cuz I showed the world, one can always, at least, try to help ones friends, that´s what should be everybodies favor to close friends. More on that in another post. Tadah, Pilgrim


torchy! said...

Pilgrim, of course i accept your apology. but please accept my apology for not replying to your invitation to your Mass.

like i said before, i don't really understand what the Mass is, but i do obviously appreciate that it was an extremely kind and thoughtful gesture of you to arrange one for Razz.

à toute à l'heure

Pilgrim said...

Have you ever watched the Easter Mass in Citta del Vaticno? Like that, only less pomp and circumstances.

x! said...

Thanks for the lovely welcome.

Baz said...

Thanks for the welcome, Pilgrim; and for following my blog as well.
New? certainly: kid? no way!

naturgesetz said...

Thanks for the reply in my blog comments.