Date gone stale

So we were at dinner last nite, the restaurant is packed w/peepz, as we arrived, we lowered the average age by like 40 yrs.. Madame Darroze handed us the menu-cards personally. We chose a salad w/smoked beef and white truffels, poulet au vinaigre di Modena, Loup de mer upon asparague verte, cheese, Mousse au Chocolat blanc, and of course the adjoining wines and cognac. But were I had like 1 or 2 glasses per post, Sam had the rest of the bottle. the cognac was too much. He was asked by a waiter to plz. leave the restaurant, as plastered as he was. Sam left without a word. When I asked for the addition, Mme. Darroze asked me, if I gidn´t get that my friend was drinking too much. I told her, that she was right down on the point, and that therefore I had to leave. Désolée Madame! When I left the restaurant, there was no trace of Sam. I called his celly, no answer. I called his ´rents, same thing. Then I called a cab home. This noon, Sam´s mom called me and told me, that the police had picked him out of the gutter a block away and that she had to go to the police station to get her son out a cell. Sam and me haven´t talked since, and I feel angered to exhaustion, having not stopped him from drinking again. Tommorrow afternoon, after my term paper, I´ll se a lady from Al Anon for some advice or help. I can´t take this not longer on myself.

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naturgesetz said...

Sorry it turned out so badly. I hope the Al-Anon lady can give you some good suggestions.