Sam, le garcon que j´aime

Sam is here w/me. Yep, he can read every word I type. And I really appreciate his presence, his view, everything. And no, I don´t have to take care for what txt atm., Sam´s english is like your arab, prbly. nonexistent.*lol* We just sit here w/roomie, having some coffee and cookies(so civilised). For the eve I booked a table at Hélene Darroze´s restaurant, Frances only 3star(Michelin) female cook. It won´t even cost a fortune, since I befriended her in the eve of my 18th b-day, thx to dad. On a good note; Sam has minimized his alcohol consumption lately. :-) But his ´rents are still insisting on rehab, though only thru our summer vacations. Roomie took Sam out of my room to not disturb me, ain´he nice?! :-) It breaks my mind, that such a good guy has to undergo rehab, cuz he can´t cope w/life as it is. Take the advice from a junior in life; never do drugs of any kind, it´ll spoil not only your aquaintacances(sorry, B.E.) but also your life! To quote a certain blogger; take care and be safe! Have a great weekend! :-) Tadah, Pilgrim


naturgesetz said...

I'm glad to hear that Sam's doing better. I hope the rehab consolidates the gains.

Sounds as if you've got a good evening planned.


Pilgrim said...

So I do, but his ´rents are quite conservative.

Baz said...

I'll echo NG's sentiments.

Enjoy the evening!