I have danced all night

First off; I´d like to welcome 3 new followers, Bob-CVN70, Lee, who has no blog, but a Youtube channel and James- no blog so far as I´ve seen. :-) ...Last eve/nite was the prom of my life, there was a life band, so we danced, had some drinks and in general a great time. I slept in today, got up ´round noon, showered, brunched w/roomie. After I finish this post I head over to Sam´s family. They expect me to arrive by 4pm CET in their home. Last nite, after I was eventually home, I thought about how and what to tell´em, by now it´s all gone. But heck, what for is french labelled the language of diplomacy?! :-) Not that I intend to change my schedule to become a diplomat. :-D ...Phew, I feel so driven, as if my life was at stake. Under other circumstances I´d say I need a drink, but this is inappropriate now, since this is what I want Sam to prevent from, it is some general angst to fail. Anyway, I started it, now I have to try to bring it to anHopefully good)end. Period! Wish me well, guys! Laters Pilgrim ...P.S. thx Torchy for the late, but not too late comment of recent. :-) *hugs*


torchy! said...

sounds like your prom was awesome. and you know, i'm just the same - planning out things to do or say at night, and then i completely forget.

i know this comment is late, so it's already done now, but i just wanna say that what you were doing for Sam was very noble, and also must have been extremely difficult. it would be difficult for someone twice your age. you are demonstrating a maturity beyond your years, i think

i know i'm running behind with my comments, sorry. and thanks for the hug :)

bon chance

LJ said...

actually Lee does have a blog. how do i know that? Well i am lee :P
the address is

toocoolpourvous.blogspot.comcheck it out sometime :)