Waiting and a crime

So, after checking out of the hotel(yes I know, but my uncle is sick), we went over to the WiFi-spot, which also is a café. Arriving there, it was not yet opened. I just saw that s/thing was wrong. One of the security-rouleaus was a quarter open w/a bin of plants underneath to hold it up, so a slim person could crawl through. We waited on a bank for some minutes, when the police arrived and the owners wife appeared. Then I realized that they´ve been robbed last nite. But the damage was more on the outer stucture, than indoors. The thieves only took some bottles, s/thing like a microwave and some sausages. Seems they needed a late nite dinner. Anyway, the café opened an hour late, the owner beeing at the police, so we helped his wife to put tables, seatings and Parasoles up in the front of the café. Now, as I txt this we had a free beer on Sam and a mineral water on me and hotdogs. We still have to kill like 4 hrs. before we get out airport-tranfer. Then another 2 1/2 hrs. to chek in and get aboard. Looks like we´ll arrive at CDG about 0.30am, which means none of us will get to bed before like 4am, regarding the distance between CDG and home. Laters, Pilgrim


Anonymous said...

Mini dramas galore!

Is yr life always like this?

Safe journey home anyway & don't speak to any strange men. Only nice ones.

Pilgrim said...

Micky, just minor incidents. :-)

jay.osa said...

long trip home. hope you are safe and make it a good one


Benji said...

Hey Pilgrim !!! I looked for you everywhere, and i finally found you :P
The link of your blog you gave to me wasn't good.
You remeber me ? Benji, from milkboys !!! Ask everyone, every day i say "have you seen pilgrm lately ?" XD I missed you !! where have you been ???
Anyway, happy to see you're not dead ...
Answer me when you have time !

naturgesetz said...

Bon voyage chez vous.