New poll

As I said/txted, I put up a new poll for those, mainly preoccupated bloggers, who think, I was an overrated brat!

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Baz said...

OK, I've read AJ's Ramblings; left a comment. If you go back there, read it, you'll probably get a feel about my views.
This blogosphere is made up of many people - views are always going to differ. Some commenters are eloquent, some are blunt and direct, some will lack the skills to put their point across in a reasonable manner.
I'm not sure how this comes across to you. Your English is good, but French is your first language? My French is adequate, but not as good as your English. Some things get lost in translation, especially humour, wit, sarcasm?
Don't get wound up about it - that's a good example (how does that translate?) it's very English - don't get upset, worried.

You still haven't given me details about your problem tho.