Uhmmm Baz!

There seems to be a misunderstanding afoot. AA is for drinkers only, I am supposed to join one of these supporter groups, where family and friends gather to exchange their experience. I´m just not ready to prayermill llike repeat the story of Sam, I´ll prbly. never do so. Despite that, he is already expected to go to rehab as soon as the summer vacations start. Well, off for now to rugby training. Laters Pilgrim


Baz said...

Thanks Pilgrim, possibly I have misinterpreted your post, in terms of what they were expecting from you.
I am familiar with AA, having attended a couple of sessions, as an observer. This to allow me to assess the suitability of AA's approach in the context of specific people that I was working with (professionally) at the time.
Possibly, I saw a similar offer to observe, which I guess wasn't their intention.

Pilgrim said...

Hope,ya read this, thx for the info, another battlefield, on which you could help me!

Baz said...
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Baz said...

Sorry Pilgrim, a bit abrupt. What I really meant to say was:
Yes. read your comment, if there's any way you feel I can help, don't hesitate to contact me.