Call me Master

Phew! It´s finally done. Today was the verbal defense of my recent classwork on my master degree in biology. 98.5 all in all. YAY ME!!! Later I´ll meet w/my now former classmates and we´ll have a party on campus, which is deffo more fun, than driving drunken friends home. ...Thx Joe for the advice and Micky for sharing a piece of his on the subject, have great vacations. :-) ...Since I don´t know what Sam´s ´rents realise of their sons probs, I might talk w/them. Maybe they know, maybe they don´t. Anyway, I certainly won´t come down too hard on them. This seems rather than me trying to help him on my own, which is a bit beyond my abilites, though I try my best. Al Anon sounds a good option to get a helpless helper some backup. Laters, Pilgrim


Anonymous said...

We're off to play first thing in teh morning, but huge congrats on all yr hrd wrk!

Have a great party!

I hope Sam's rents know something of the prob and that U don't have to break it to them.

Anyway - tonight's for play!

naturgesetz said...

Congrats on the successful defense and achieving the degree.

Good idea to talk to the 'rents. The more people who are aware and trying to be helpful, the better.

Pilgrim said...

Thx, guys, you both are great! :-)

torchy! said...

pilgrim, i'm so sorry i missed your post. i have been so inundated that i sometimes miss the important ones.

i totally agree with the others: MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS on getting your degree. it's a fine achievement in itself, but even more so for you coz you've taken it at a young age. Well Done!!!

and i think you're doing exactly the right thing with Sam. he may not thanks you for it now, but you know it's in his best interest. good for you!

really best wishes

torchy! said...

btw - i voted for you to stay :)