Leaving the stress behind

We, roomie, gf., and some of the peepz of our house sit in the backyard, have a Bbq., and german "Einbecker Mai-Urbock", a strong, dark beer speciality from Germland, yummy stuff, but pretty pricy here. 1.50 a bottle of a 1/2 pint, refund included. We roast lamb(for me and halal), chicken breast for my gal(also halal); the others rely on porc.We also brought down a stereo, to prvide some music, and me, not too shy of my older bro, put some Cd´s of his in. Response so far,"Trés bien! :-) Laters, Pilgrim


Micky said...

'Have a great time' he said through clenched teeth as shop-bought piza (ironically a German make)loomed closer and the rain pattered on the windows.

Welcome to a British Bank Holiday weekend!

Pilgrim said...

Micky, we have 70F here, no rain anywhere near. I know about your bank-holiday, listening mainly to BFBS: :-)

naturgesetz said...

Maibock is good. Thanks for reminding me.

I think I'd just as soon have the grilled lamb even though I don't need to keep halal or kosher. Do the references to halal mean that your gf and some of the others are Muslim?

Pilgrim said...

Joe, more or less, but me prefers halal too, though I´m roman catholic. :-)