Info from Dad

It was supposed, that Nazis would meet in his city, but the Court d´Appelation ruled them out! So, Dads day was a calm one. I mean, wtf. have those brown hordes to do or say in Germland? Fuck them!!!


naturgesetz said...

It's discouraging that there are still people around who think that Nazism was a good thing.

I suppose anti-Semitism excessive nationalism are the main motives.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, on every First of May, Nazis do demonstrations in Germany.

There is also a political party (NPD, NPG in English) in some local governments of Germany since about 2003.
There were attempts to ban the party due to their rassistic objectives, but the Supreme Court decided not to ban it. I think they have a point with this decision. If the Nazi party was banned, they would start making underground organisations that may be even more aggressive in public.

Also, the only possibility to choke them off is by arguing against them when they are present.
Counter-violence or bans would even magnify their power.

Pilgrim said...

I guess, they were banned from Dads city and stirred turmoil some other place. Anyway Nazis suck!!!

Pilgrim said...

@Lunario, I think you misinterpreted the word "magnify". What is NPG? Here in France, the "Front Nationale" is a mere splinter gruop, thogh they were stong in the early 90ies-

Anonymous said...

Sorry, wrong word... I meant they would get even more power than they already have.

Oh by the way, it's not only the Nazis that are protesting here, the left-wing extremists do it just the same.

Anonymous said...

The NPD is a new right-wing political party here in Germany.

In these times of economic crisis etc. they try to get more voters by agitating against capitalism and the current politics in Germany. Fortunately their number of members and voters didn't yet inrease more than before the crisis.