La Commune de Paris

...was slaughtered today in 1871 by the latter président of the french 3rd Republic, Aldolphe Thiers, who, w/out the french, just recently besieged , army, whose commandant le Maréchal MacMahon, did not even volunteer. Thiers orderd the Republican Guard to extiguish the communards, of whom some 25.000 died in the month long street fights or who were after having surrendererd, been executed at a wall of the Pére Lachaise cemetary and buried there. Some of you might know this cemetary for the tombs of Jim Morrison or Édith Piaf. In silent commemoration Pilgrim


Sasha (Malchik Gai) said...

I thought Pere Lachaise was internationally renowned for many different reasons. Thanks for the history lesson. I did not know about this, now I do.

Micky said...

You live and learn, don't you?

Thanks Pilgrim. Gruesome lessons.

Baz said...

Both Sasha and Micky express it well.

In commemoration.

MartininBroda said...

I knew that (you know my mind is more living in the 19th century), history is not always a pleasant thing and we are living with the dead under our feet. That’s something we have to remember. Thanks.