In Ibiza I could comment everyone, back here, I got the same probs as before. Any helpful advice?!


torchy! said...

if you're using a different pc, maybe the one now has popup blocking, or your internet security product has anti-advert or anti-banner that perhaps is causing problems.

if you're using the same pc as in ibiza, well... that is weird. maybe something to do with an ip address? try it on someone else's pc if you can.

good luck

Pilgrim said...

Thx, Torchy, and yep, it is the same laptop I use always, only in Ibiza it was via a WiFi-Spot.

Anonymous said...

R U trying to comment on Blooger or on Wordpress? Coz the new emigree (?) coudln't get comments to work there. Also a blog can block commenting to Members or Followers. Don't know it anyone has tho. Not found it.

More likely to be yr connex.