What calling for?

Past days I had some calls from Val, asking for a "Date"!*lol* As i if I would date a junior to me! What do you think? He is of legal age, not unknown to me(as you might know, my dear readers) but that was too much! I mean, meeting him at the rugby ground is one thing, but wanna dating me is a totally other thing. You get me? I need some help on this!   Laters Pilgrim


xXxJoshuaxXx said...

haha I think its quite cute!!!

Captastro said...

Without knowing your history with Val, I could not comment. So I just read it!

You continue to be conflicted about your feelings for him. His feelings for you are quite clear and consistent. Is it just his age, legal though he may be. Is there something else about him which you have not said? Are you embarrassed what your other friends might think about you with him so young? (this age difference will be less important as you both get older)

Maybe you would feel more comfortable if you kept the friendship more casual as it has been. But tell him this so he won't feel foolish to pursue you.

Examine your feelings and your thoughts. You will know what to do. :)