Dinner at Val

It was a promising evening, until after dessert Val came out to his parents. I just divined myself, leaving the house in a rush.I was not prepared on such a thing! Fortunately I met my Gf: and went for a drink. I am totally shattered.  She helped me up! We have a lot in common. Val, my Gf. and ,me. But we don´t share our sexuality! That would be too weird! Propz Pilgrim


Captastro said...

I can only imagine how uncomfortable that must have made you feel. How is Val?

Anonymous said...

Mate, what a thing to go through. Perhaps your presence helped give Val the moral support he required to do it. Not a comfortable thing for anyone involved, but it will pass.

JustinO'Shea said...

And how are the parents? LOL
What a scenario! And who knows the whys and hows and all that jazz.

Living on the edge you guys all seem to go from one crisis to the next. Makes for adrenalin rushes, that's for sure. . .almost. ;-)

Bonne chance. . .au moins!


naturgesetz said...

In the long run, this may clarify things for him. At least, he does not have to hide his feelings from his parents now.

MartininBroda said...

Since there was no following post, it was probably really uncomfortable, but now is the question,how are feeling the others involved in the story today.

Merche Pallarés said...

Just "divined" yourself!! I like that description. I've read a few of your past posts (skiing in St. Moritz mmmmm...) and this one between Val and your Gf which I presume is your girlfriend (?) How confusing! Yours posts are too young/modern for my wasted brain cells... Please write MORE clearly... Gros bisous, M.