Where is I, hmm?

Sorry, I still can´t arrange pics nicely, so a short explanation. No. 1- 3 are my Uncles restaurant from different angles, the last one is the view from Madrigal over the Yacht - and public harbor to the Castel and Barrio Alto(Dalt Villa as they say here)! ...@Merche; for obvious reasons I don´t put real names of private folks here in full, nor do I put on pics of my family as close-up´s, but most pics of them are close-up´s. ...For dinner we had carée d´agneau aux epices et sauce de port. Very good, my Uncle learnt his job at a former Michélin-star chef.  Tadah Pilgrim, still on location. :-)...p.s., Dave M. follows me on twitter, I am really exited!


Merche Pallarés said...

I've been to that restaurant!! It's great. Next time I go I'll say hello to your uncle. Is he your father's brother? Too bad you and I can't meet. I'd love to meet a gay rollerskater who wants to become a Jesuit lay brother! Gros bisous, M.

Mickle in NZ said...

Spiced lamb with a port sauce - sounds glorious (I cheated and used babelfish translater). Your Uncle's restaurant looks like a lovely place to visit. Good food is always close to my heart.

Keep having a happy time there, Michelle xxx

torchy! said...

looks good! wish i was having a sunny holiday