The test, upcoming

I made a group of  co-students learning w/me. It was a nice though weird time. This one guy stared at me in way evetrybody must have recognized. How painful! I feli like nude and nobody was helping me out. Only on girl made up her mind and asked him plainly, if he was gay, he said yes! She was shocked, it was her crush, I was the same, cuz I considered him straight. How weird can it get? I´ll concentrate on my zest in Microbiology tomorrow, not on possibly gay boas. My career is more important! Tadah Pilgrim...and then who knows Devon Sawa , or Adam Lamberg of "Lizzie McGuire"?


MartininBroda said...

So you've felt like he was window shopping you, weird, seems you ha've a new fan now.
Good luck with the test.

Seth said...

Sometimes the way people look and act can be much different than they way they really are. Or just confusing, at least.

Ooh Devon Sawa he was soooo cute!! I think he killed himself, though. :(


Anonymous said...

you still havent told me how I can find you on facebook. If you don't want me to stalk you for the rest of your life you could just tell me

Aek said...

Sometimes your posts are a bit random and they confuse me. o_O

Good luck on your test!!

Merche Pallarés said...

AEK, if he confuses you, can you imagine MEEE??? I can't make heads or tails from some of his posts!
By the way PILGRIM, I wish you would answer some of my questions... Thank you. Hugs, M.

y78ilm :: now on y78ilm.nibblebit.com/ said...

Good luck on your test!!

Why on earth was our accident reported on French TV??